Web based recreation software

Jarvis offers simple to use, web based software for Parks & Recreation Departments. Everying you need in one place with one product. Our feature list is extensive and includes online registration, league management, facility management and a custom website. See our Features page for a complete features list.

League Management

Jarvis allows you to setup leagues and divisions for youth and adult teams. After setting up your leagues, you can use our automated scheduler to build your schedule, define your teams and assign your coaches. Our game management feature allows you to handle rain outs with ease.

Facility Management

Jarvis offers a full featured facility resource system that allows you to create, manage and view facility schedules. Schedule booking can be internal or booked by the public from your custom website. Bookings are easily viewable from both a calendar and list view.

Recreation Software

Our software is based on customer driven enhancements - built by you, for you. Common features include online registration and payment, facilities management, league management, scheduling, email and text communication and a custom website. Many more features are included and can be found on our features page.

League Management

Our League Management functionality allows you to manage your seasons, build and post rosters, score games, publish schedules and standings to your custom website and easily communicate with coaches, volunteers and players. Many additional features are included and can be found on the League Management Features page.

Facility Management

Jarvis’s web-based software allows for scheduling, reserving, tracking, and communicating about your events in a centralized, online location—anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection. Simplifies the scheduling and management of facilities. Eliminate conflicts and maintain regular communication with facility users. You’ll never overbook.

Customer driven enhancements

Have you ever started using software to later discover it does not meet some of your needs? Did your organization grow and now have some functionality that your current software does not support and it is going to cost time and money to implement? With Jarvis, you will not have to experience that for long. Our software enhancements are driven by our organizations - and they are free!

Online Registration

With our online registration system, you are able to build custom registration forms and have an extensive list of other features to choose from (discounts, eligibility requirements, sell additional items, obtain sizes for items, waitlist, and many more). We provide extensive assistance in setting up your merchant account for your organization. Your customers can register anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.

Why Us?

There are a lot of software systems to choose from, but we believe we provide a complete set of tools in one product to manage your day-to-day operations. In addition to our software, here are some other reasons organizations have given for using our product.


I have used several different types of processing systems throughout my career. Some have been good and some have been awful. Jarvis is one of the easier systems I have used and when used correctly does help manage the volume I deal with on a daily basis. Plus, it is always helpful to know I can call customer service and someone will help me.

Oxford Park Commission

Jarvis is the bomb! Customer for life.

Prosper Little League

You guys' have done an amazing job.

Ness City USD #303

Thank you for your time, dedication and generosity to our programs! We are so grateful for all that you do.

East Haddam Recreation Commission